summer time!

f21 dress; new york & co necklace; juicy couture wallet; l.a.m.b. heels

I’m back!  2 weeks, 5 finals, and a case of sugar-free Red Bull later and summer is finally here!  I can’t explain how great it is to welcome back more carefree days, happy hours, and even the sweltering heat.  More importantly, I’m excited to get back at doing what I love to do most: working on my blog.

I hate to have left it unattended for so long, but I’m back in full force.  This is technically my last summer to truly enjoy myself before I graduate, cram for the bar, and enter the real world — so you better believe my summer plans will include some memorable (and excessively photographed) adventures.

For now, I’m kicking off the summer with bright prints, bold colors, and a big ol’ smile.  Summer feels good.  Real good.


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  1. Hi Jenny! I really like how you were able to add such cute, colorful accessories t0 such a bright print – it’s look some people (myself included) shy away from 🙂

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