etsy finds.

When I’m feeling uninspired by the usual store-bought goods, I turn to Etsy for a refreshingly unique perspective.  It’s an online marketplace of art, antiques, and pretty much anything else you can imagine, but my favorite items are generally handcrafted and wearable.  From jewelry to bags and even iPhone cases, there’s sure to be something you can’t find at your local mall.

1. Spike the Punch Neon Hand-Painted Crystal Necklace — $36
2. Boubo Velvet Fleece Infinity Scarf — $36
3. Homako Sensu Necklace — $59
4. Ocean Pearl Bags Chevron Clutch — $25
5. Amelie Jewelry Ribbon Wrapped Bracelet — $14


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  1. Etsy is so awesome! Great pieces for such reasonable prices. MWAH!

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