one blouse / three ways.

As much as I love shopping, I also enjoy taking what I already have and making it feel new.  Shopping your closet can sometimes be a challenge, but all you need is a little creativity and a knack for playing dress up.  Personally, a blouse might be the easiest and most versatile piece to mix.  Tuck it in to a skirt, tie it over a dress, or wear it under a blazer, the possibilities can really be endless.

original post: monday mix

original post: first signs of fall

original post: hot pink



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5 responses to “one blouse / three ways.

  1. I love your blouse and all of your outfit combinations!

  2. The middle one is my favorite, it’s got that 1950’s, vintage feel to it and it’s so relaxed and lady like. Although the skirt in the top post is adorable, cana I ask where you got it?



  3. sweet looks! My fav. is the hot pink!

  4. all three are great looks!

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