thirsty thursday.

Strawberry basil sangria via TreeHugger

It’s been one of those weeks that only a delicious drink can cure.  But instead of reaching for the usual (vodka tonic extra lime), I think I’ll be trying out one of these recipes this weekend (including a non-alcoholic milk tea).  As always, for more inspiration, check out my Pinterest boards.  Cheers!

Jalapeno margarita via Spabettie

Watermelon keg via Ministry of Alcohol

Raspberry basil mojito via A Spicy Perspective

Homemade milk tea with boba via A Cup of Mai



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2 responses to “thirsty thursday.

  1. I have had a cilantro margarita and it was refreshing. I am sure the jalapeno one is just as refreshing.

  2. Wow! That is quite a line-up… the Strawberry Basil Sangria may be the first I try…

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