much thanks.

Jenny in Jacquard; NYC fashion blogger; style blog; Thanksgiving 2012; Instagram

So much to be thankful for this year.  As always, love, family, and friends are at the top of the list.  Without them, I doubt I would have been as determined to pass the bar exam, or brave enough to move to New York, or resilient enough to make it through Hurricane Sandy.

I’m also grateful for all the opportunities I’ve been afforded this year: a new city to call home, an exciting job that I truly enjoy, new friends to share incredible experiences with, and of course, you — a growing group of readers and supporters who share an overwhelming obsession for style, life, and culture.  I couldn’t be any luckier.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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  1. Jessica

    LOVE your blog! I am a new reader and just love all your outfit inspirations! one question- how did you put together all these instagrams into one photo? what program did you use? thanks!!! hope you had a great thanksgiving!!!

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