gingham + paisley.

Jenny in Jacquard; NYC fashion blogger; style blog; J.Crew Factory gingham shirt; J.Crew pink paisley dress; Michael Kors tortoise gold boyfriend watch; C.Wonder leopard skinny bangle

Post-vacation work weeks are the worst.  It feels like forever ago that I was on the west coast, soaking up the sun, and skipping around town without a jacket.  I figured I should enjoy the opportunity to wear a dress sans tights one last time before I headed back to NYC.  Miss it already!

Jenny in Jacquard Gingham Paisley 2

Jenny in Jacquard Gingham Paisley 3

Top: J.Crew Factory
Dress: J.Crew
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelet: C.Wonder

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A special shot out to the boyfriend’s mom for snapping my pics! 🙂



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6 responses to “gingham + paisley.

  1. This is so cute! A great combination 🙂 and I love the skirt! xoxo

  2. i have a friend who has that dress and i love the way you’ve dressed it down with the gingham! looks great. x

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  4. GREAT look!! So inspirational 😉

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