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It’s no secret that I have a slight obsession with J.Crew.  And by slight, I mean debilitating.  The bright colors, playful prints, and impeccable styling keep me coming back season after season.  And even though their price point is usually way out of my budget, J.Crew constantly adds new items to their sale section and frequently offers additional discounts.

I often find myself visiting their stores (there’s almost 10 in the city!), browsing their style guides (aka catalogs) and trolling their website on a weekly basis.  Like I said — it’s slight obsession, but when the markdowns start rolling in, I know exactly what I want.  Check out a few of my favorite pieces from the label’s spring collection and let me know which ones you’re lusting after.

1. Boy Shirt in Dots ($78) and Pixelated Houndtooth Skirt ($148)
2. Fan Fringe Necklace ($148)
3. Collection Contessa Snakeskin Bow Pumps ($278)
4. Military Popover ($168) and Medallian Paisley Short ($58)
5. Liberty Perfect Shirt in Assorted Florals ($150)
6. Beaded Rose Necklace ($128)



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4 responses to “label love: j.crew

  1. I LOVE that necklace #2. I agree J Crew can be overpriced. But the quality is good. And if you can snag a sale it’s much more reasonable.

  2. There’s no label I love more! Numbers 3 and 6 are high on my list!

    Christine In Color

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